Kingmaker: Pathfinder AP

Sesson 2

Radish Patch

With the Monk badly wounded and the Barbarian fast asleep, Svetlana Leveton asks a favor of the Druid and Ranger. Her request is to head south to a small radish patch and collect her a basket of moon radishes so she can make Oleg Leveton his favorite stew. The two happily accept and make there way south at once. When they arrive they find three Kobolds bloated and in pain from eating too many radishes. The Druid and Ranger try to communicate with the Kobolds, but the language barrier proves too much and the conversation quickly breaks down leaving one Kobold dead and the others running for their lives.

While those two are away, the Barbarian stirs and awakens. Oleg Leveton is by his bedside and requests that the Barbarian help him find his wife’s stolen wedding ring. Informed that the bandits should be the ones in possession of the ring, the Barbarian leaves a note on the Monk and sets out alone. At night, in camp and under the moonlight, the Barbarian is attacked by two Kobolds, which he makes quick work of. When the sun raises the next morning, the Monk, Druid, and Ranger, having returned the basket of moon radishes to Svetlana Leveton, meet up with the Barbarian just outside the Thorn River Camp.



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