Kingmaker: Pathfinder AP

Session 3

Thorn River Camp

With the Monk keeping watch over the Druid and Ranger’s horse, the Barbarian mounts his steed and rides straight into the Thorn River Camp to question its occupants about Svetlana Leveton and her stolen wedding ring. The Druid and Ranger stealth to opposite sides of the camp, in hopes of getting the jump on the bandits if things turn south. Within moments an alarm sounds from a hidden thunderstone, and the Barbarian is confronted by the bandits. Before many words are exchanged, the bandits engage the party in combat after they see the fumbling Druid just outside the clearing. No bandit is left alive, including the Thorn River Camp’s leader Kressle. All three party members are injured in the fight, with the Druid near death only surviving by the help of the Barbarian and a quick use of a healing potion.

The party spends the night at the Thorn River Camp. While on watch, the Ranger hears the sound of flapping and giggling in the canopy above. During the second day the Barbarian scouts north along the path to discover two wandering bandits on their way back to the camp. One is killed and the other is chased down an beaten before taken back to the camp and questioned. During this event however, strange things occur, including the dead bandits head being tossed across the path by something unseen, and the Barbarian’s greatsword disappearing then reappearing tied to a tree branch high above.

After getting information about a possible new bandit leader, a man who wears armor of bone and calls himself The Stag Lord, and learning that the wedding ring could have been stolen by mites who live under an old sycamore tree, the party decides to let the bandit go. Loading up all the bandit’s loot onto a wagon located in the camp, they plan to spend the night and head back to Oleg’s Trading Post in the morning, only to find one of the wheels missing when they wake.



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